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In the 1990s some college friends would travel to Europe during the summers, sightseeing, visiting museums, and learning about different cultures. One of the places visited was the Netherlands. Among the many tourist sites visited were the Van Gogh museum, windmills, canals, the Anne Franke house, and of course the many coffee shops. Their plan was to open the first legal coffee shop in the United States. Seeds were collected over several such adventures, however that coffee shop dream was not to be. As time moved forward, there were college graduations, successful careers built, and new families created. During these past 30 years, the collected seeds have been stored under proper conditions, preserved in jars with a desiccant, under temperature-controlled conditions. We are proud to announce that germination testing has been performed on a seed from each jar, and that each seed tested germinated in less than 24 hours.


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