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number of original seeds in our collection

number of unique strains that can be created from each seed

number of unique strains that can be created from our seed collection

Our company was created to preserve old world genetics. Our collection contains over 1,200 well-preserved cannabis seeds from the pre-2000 era. We are exploring the many research possibilities and potential medical benefits of this rare genetic collection.

What We Do

Leasing Heirloom Genetics

We lease original F1 genetics to professional medical growers, who want access to authentic, DNA-tested, old school cannabis seeds. Our collection contains many Cannabis Cup winners.

Breeding for Genetic Research

Using today’s scientific technology and the best genetics from the past, we are hopeful that our business partners can use our seed collection to create pure, advanced medicine for patients. Our pure genetics will provide clean and consistent results.

Our Culture

Advancing Medical Science

With the help of the scientific community, we are able to compare the genetics of the past with today’s modern genetics. This research will be a benefit to both the cannabis and medical communities.

Improving Quality of Life

Our goal is to provide medical cannabis growers with DNA-tested genetics so they can provide patients with the highest quality medicine. With our genetics, growers will have access to authentic strains. We hope this provides a better quality of life for medical cannabis patients.


Are your genetics available for leasing?

Yes, our genetics can be leased. For more detailed information, please contact us by filling out the form below.

How do we know your genetics are viable?

The seeds have been stored in airtight jars, with desiccant, in a dark, temperature-controlled refrigerator since being purchased. Germination testing has been performed on a seed from each jar. Each seed germinated in less than 24 hours.

How can you prove your genetics are authentic?

The entire seed collection, including corresponding seed catalogs and original seed packs, has been in our possession since their purchase.

Samples sent to Steep Hill Labs confirmed their ancestral heritage.

Are your genetics for sale?

Not at the present time.

How old are your seeds?

Our collection spans a range from the late 1980’s to 1999.

Why are your genetics so special?

Our collection consists of original, cup-winning seeds, still in their original packages.

Can we breed with your genetics?

At this time, we are researching the full potential of our genetics for a future breeding program.


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